Microsoft Product Family

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Office
SQL Server
ASP.Net 2.0
Visual Studio
Visual Web Developer Express

The majority of our work centers around the Microsoft family of products. Access is an excellent Relational Database Management System for meeting the needs of small to medium sized business and corporate work groups. Professional applications can be developed rapidly and easily maintained.  Applications can be integrated with Word, Excel and Outlook to create powerful workflow applications.  Utilizing the VB language integrated into all of these products allows us to create complete end to end solutions. Our library of custom VB code adds to these powerful capabilities and gives us a head start on each project. 

SQL Server can be utilized in the back end to create true client - server databases. It is the dominant choice for  Fortune 500 IT departments today for it's reliability, security, capacity and speed.

ASP.Net allows us to extend our database applications to the internet. It integrates seamlessly with SQL Server and utilizes VB as it's scripting language.

COM Objects

Many programs on the market today make their functionality available as COM objects. This allows programs like Access and Visual Basic to tap directly into them and use their functionality. An example would be programming Access to control Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF file. The following are examples of some of the programs we integrate in this way.

Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Office Apps
PDF Factory
Microsoft Explorer Browser

Vertical Market / Specialty

Encompass / Loan Handler (Mortgage)
Phone Libraries
ABCpdf (extensive custom PDF handling)

Web & Graphics

ASP.Net 2.0
Dot Net Nuke
Visual Studio
Visual Web Developer Express
Adobe Photoshop


Exchange Server
Remote Desktop
PC Anywhere