The following projects are a small percentage of the work we have accomplished in the last 20 years. The purpose in listing so many is to demonstrate the diversity of our experience and the scope of the projects we undertake.  
Art Exhibition Management System
For the Guggenheim museum we produced a system to track artwork through the stages of an exhibition. The system stores information on artwork for labels and catalogs, lender and artist contacts, shipping arrangements, condition and appraisal data, and other vital information. Multiple curators and registrars access this information and use reports to organize the exhibitions.

Tools: MS-Access, Crystal Reports
Budget Management and Reporting System (PAC-Track)
We created a system for the Bravo Channel and American Movie Classics to manage budget allocations and expenditures. The database contained every line item budget for the year. Throughout the year users would record actual expenditures as well as projected expenditures.  Extensive reporting gave management a clear view of budget status, expenditures by vendor and budget category.

We trained users in a classroom setting in Long Island, Chicago and Dallas.

Later additions to the program included automated synchronization of multiple copies of the database from remote locations around the country.

Tools: MS-Access
Patient Database and Practice Management system
Created a system for a chain of Weight Loss Centers to manage patient visits and billing. System in main office automatically synchronized with systems in remote locations.

Tools: MS-Access
Cards - Our Proprietary CRM
About half of the databases we have been asked to develop over the years have had a strong Contact Management component. Tired of reinventing the wheel and wanting a reliable way to reuse our custom code we created our own proprietary Customer Relationship Management System. We call it "Hyper-Card" or "Cards" for short.

Features include:
See: CRM as defined by Wikipedia

Tools: MS-Access, MS-Explorer Browser and MS-Word as COM objects
Investment Banking System
Based on our proprietary Cards system this system manages the various aspects of maintaining multiple investment funds.

Tools: MS-Access, MS-Explorer and MS-Word as Com Objects
Construction Management System
Based on our proprietary Cards system this system was developed for a midsize construction company in Long Island to managed the extensive paperwork involved in construction projects. Contact profiles for subcontractors are categorized by Spec Section codes (industry standard for defining contractor type). Contracts are created from templates. System creates submittals and tracks them through the approval process. System creates transmittals for batches of submittals. System generates letters, faxes & emails and maintains database of documents.

Tools: MS-Access, Word & Outlook (as COM objects)
Submittal Tracking System
A portion of the our Construction Management System was repurposed for large scale architectural firms and customized for Polshek & Partners and Beyer, Binder & Belle two of New York City's largest and most prestigious firms.

Tools: MS-Access
System To Manage Shipping Bids for the Food For Peace Program
This program managed a short term bidding process for shippers participating in the Food For Peace program. The system created the bid prospectus. The Prospectus was faxed out to participating shippers who then made their bid and faxed it back. The bids for the various shipments were entered into the system and then reporting showed the winning bids. The system arranged for the shipment of billions of dollars of food.

The system was written over 10 years ago in a popular flat file database. It was later written up in database Advisor magazine. It was the first time that software had received the attention of that magazine and to my knowledge it was the first time a flat file system had that distinction.

Tools: Q&A (Symantec) 
Sales Order System / Goldmine Extension
Created a sales order system tied to SQL Server based Goldmine CMS system. Customer information is pulled from Goldmine and entered into the sales order. Order lines are entered from by selecting from product menu. Order stays in dormant state in system until it receives manager approval. It then appears on the screens in the shipping department. The shipping department ships what it can and backorders the rest. Once the order is complete it leaves their queue.

Tools: MS-Access, Goldmine, SQL Server
Mortgage Loan Management / LOS Extension
Created a system to extend the capabilities of the popular Loan Origination Software "The Loan Handler" from Contour.

Features include:
This software was installed in 5 Mortgage banks with various customizations including a Genesis 2000 version.

Update: The system is currently being adapted to the Encompass LOS from Ellie Mae including porting the back end to SQL server and integrating the Encompass SDK.

Tools: MS-Access, SQL Server, Encompass SDK
Mortgage Contact Management System
This system is not based on our proprietary CRM but some of the features have been ported over. This particular system is closely linked to our other mortgage systems. Numerous custom features manage the unique workflow of the bank that commissioned this particular project.

The system is integrated with the phone system and features:

Tools: MS Access, SQL Server, TAPIEX
Mortgage Application Log
System to record pertinent Mortgage information at time of application. It assigns loan numbers, links to leads to client record in the leads database and links to loan file in the loan origination system.

Tools: MS-Access
Mortgage Commission Vs. Draw Accounting System
System calculates mortgage commissions under a variety of formulas. System records salespersons draw. Periodically the system nets the accrued commission versus the accrued draw and creates a statement settling the account.

Tools: MS-Access 
Abstract Management System

System to handle the workflow process of a title search company. Includes a database of independent search reps around the country who do freelance title and document searches. Tracks all phases of search jobs to ensure prompt completion and billing.

After this system was completed for our client the package was adopted by a second search company with ties to the client.

Tools: MS-Access
System for Traffic Ticket Broker
(A traffic ticket broker contracts to handle traffic tickets for companies that have fleets of motor vehicles.) System manages the workflow of ticket processing.

Features include:

Tools: MS-Access, Explorer Browser, PDF Factory, Remote Desktop, Bar Code Software & Fonts
Archive Management System
Created for the Center For Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD) the system managed a library of archival recordings made in a variety of media. The system included the facility to create specialty labels for media.

Tools: MS-Access, Dymo Label Maker & Software
Dating Software
We created a dating system for a company called LuvBuzz. They owned a bar / restaurant on the upper east side of Manhattan that offered a dating service to their clientele. Patrons would fill out a questionnaire and have their picture taken. The data was then fed into the system. LuvBuzz staff would use your information to set up blind dates for you. One highlight was that patrons pictures would randomly appear on video screens throughout the bar accompanied by their "handle". If a patron saw somebody they were interested in they could request a date by giving the handle to a staffer.

Tools: MS-Access
Troop Management System
This started out as a personal project for my son's Boy Scout Troop and morphed into a full-blown Scout CMS system. It is based on our proprietary Cards system. To it I added an accounting system, rank management, event planner, mass email system and a number of other features. We are considering marketing this to Scout troops with the possibility of making it freeware.

Tools: MS-Access, MS-Explorer Browser as a COM object
Magazine Subscription System
Based on our proprietary Cards system this system was developed to handle subscription records for a not-for-profit publisher of three magazines.

Features include:
Tools: MS-Access
Estimation Program for Wholesale Ribbon Company
Creates and track estimates to clients for wholesale quantity ribbons and accessories.
Item units include Each, Dozen, Gross and Thousand quantity. Provides for multiline labor estimates, calculates profit, price and commission.

Tools: MS-Access
Architectural Project Database
Created for the marketing Department of a major architecture firm to track past project by multiple criteria. Information used when pursuing new jobs.

Tools: MS-Access
Management System for Certification Program
Created system to manage all back office aspects of the Cruise Counselor certification program for the Cruise Lines International Association. Maintains student profile with record of all exams requested and taken, ship visits and other course requirements. System manages orders for exams and grades them upon completion. Additional management facilities allow for batch fulfillment of exams and other source documents requested by students.

Tools: MS-Access
Travel Agency Database
Database contains the majority of North American travel agencies. Ties to various other travel systems. Tied to phone system so that agency record pops on the computer tied to the phone extension ("Phone pop").

Tools: MS-Access, Telephone SDK
Seminar Enrollment system
Manage workflow required to host multi-session, multi-day seminars held in cities around the country. Course Calendar is created in the system. Students register for one or more classes. Prior to each event course rosters are printed for instructors.

Tools: MS-Access
Cruise Line Statistical Reporting System
Data is supplied by the majority of major Cruise Lines operating in the North American market. Passenger counts by various geographical and cruise length criteria are entered into the system. Twenty-six statistical reports are created for use by the Cruise Industry. Various other reports and functions manage the system to insure complete data and accuracy.

Tools: MS-Access, Adobe Acrobat, MS-Excel
Order Entry System for Custom Kitchen Contractor
Create orders containing items to be used in contracting job. Utilizes various units of measure germane to kitchen cabinetry. Record job notes. Create job sheet outlining job details. Handle drop ship details including address. 

Tools: MS-Access
Supermarket systems
PC-FM has created numerous applications for a Long Island based supermarket chain over the last twenty years. The programs are mostly specialty applications pertaining to supermarket accounting practices and vendor management.

Tools: MS-Access, MS-Excel
Student Admissions System
Created for Hebrew University's Office of Academic Admissions in New York City. Recorded data from multiple sources pertaining to students applying for admission. Indexed the physical documents stored in filing cabinets. System managed the process from the receipt of the first document, through the compilation process and final decision making on student admission based on system reports.

Tools: Q&A (Symantec)